An example to connect Snowflake with Python

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Snowflake Database and Tables

For this tutorial, we have created a database called GPIPIS_DB where there is a table called MYIRISTABLE

An example of how to load data from S3 to Snowflake

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Create a Database

The first thing that we need to do is to create a database. This is easy. We login into the Snowflake platform and we go to Databases.

A hands-on tutorial on Redshift Spectrum

Redshift Service

The first thing that we need to do is to go to Amazon Redshift and create a cluster. In my case, the Redshift cluster is running.

Example of how to create an EMR Cluster on AWS

Filter large files with S3 Select and Boto3


Assume that we have a large file (can be csv, txt, gzip, json etc) stored in S3, and we want to filter it based on some criteria. For example, we want to get specific rows or/and specific columns. Let’s see how we can do it with S3 Select using Boto3.

How to Synchronize your current working directory with AWS S3 Buckets

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  • file_2.txt
  • file_4.txt

Bike Sharing Machine Learning Project

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  1. Data Management/Representation
  2. Exploratory Data Analysis
  3. Hypothesis Testing and Machine Learning
  4. Communication of insights attened
  • The independent variables, which are observed in data and are often denoted as a vector Xi
  • The dependent variable, which…

Example of Meta-Analysis using R and meta library


We can analyze different scientific studies that address the same question by applying a meta-analysis. The assumption is that every individual study contains some degree of error. For example, a study could be the mortality rate of two treatments for a specific disease. The goal is to obtain pooled summary estimates from individual studies by taking into consideration the heterogeneity among individual studies. The aggregated data from the individual studies leads to higher statistical power.


  • Define the research question
  • Define inclusion/exclusion criteria for individual studies screened
  • Search literature
  • Select eligible studies
  • Collect data
  • Aggregate findings across studies and obtain pooled…

Why you should stop sending long voice messages and suggested alternatives

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