• Giulia Penni

    Giulia Penni

    Copywriter @ Persado. Logophile. Lifelong learner. I don’t write to impress. I write to inform, entertain, inspire. Thanks for your time!

  • Nicholas Satyahadi

    Nicholas Satyahadi

    Data Analytics and Actuarial Science enthusiast. I would like to create some projects related to these fields, so stay tuned! :)

  • Tim Mills

    Tim Mills

  • Husna


    Data Scientist | Always Learning | Writer | Interests: Machine Learning, AI, Remote Sensing, Green Tech

  • Roshan Wewala Patabendige

    Roshan Wewala Patabendige

    Machine Learning & Data Science enthusiast

  • Ilyas Iyoob, PhD

    Ilyas Iyoob, PhD

    Chief Data Scientist and Distinguished Engineer of Artificial Intelligence @Gravitant, an #IBM Company | Opinions are my own...

  • Sergio Neves Santos

    Sergio Neves Santos

  • keith gore

    keith gore

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