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  • Anna Geller

    Anna Geller

    Data Engineer, M.Sc. in BI, AWS Certified Solution Architect, HIIT, cloud & tech enthusiast living in Berlin. www.annageller.com

  • Xavier Vasques

    Xavier Vasques

  • Dmytro Khmelenko

    Dmytro Khmelenko

    Software Engineer @ Freeletics || Technologies, finance, sports, writing. https://dkhmelenko.com

  • Maroun Maroun

    Maroun Maroun

    Software engineer | Music geek | Beer lover

  • Ioanna Mantzouratou

    Ioanna Mantzouratou

  • Nikos Kapetanios

    Nikos Kapetanios

  • Ram Vegiraju

    Ram Vegiraju

    Incoming Solutions Architect @ Amazon. Passionate about Data Science/ML. https://ramvegiraju.github.io/PersonalPortfolio/

  • Kisan Tamang

    Kisan Tamang

    I write about Programming, Cloud, and Software and work with AWS Cloud strongly focusing on Serverless and API. Founded @TowardsAWS (towardsaws.com).

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